Recognition Market


Recognition awards programs are at the heart of E.A. Dion’s business.  Dion has produced jewelry programs for a vast number of recognition purposes, including:  
•  Length of Service
•  Sales Incentive
•  Safe Driver/Safe Worker
•  Dealer/Distributor/Entrepreneur of the Year, and more.  

Well-designed recognition and incentive reward programs create an environment where performance is publicly recognized and other employees seek to achieve it.  Jewelry award programs work well in this environment – for a number of reasons:

•  They are THE most personal form of recognition – worn close to the body and go with the employee wherever they are, on- or off-site, for all to see. 

•  Unlike generic awards and products, custom jewelry awards are unique and exclusive.  They cannot be bought, only earned. 

•  Precious metals/precious stones have a high perceived value that only increases over time.

•  They encompass strong corporate branding, which reinforces the company’s appreciation of an employee’s contributions (unlike a TV or other generic gift that an employee easily forgets was given as an award), thus instilling greater employee loyalty into those most valued by the company.