Ginger Snap™ Interchangeable Fashion Jewelry

Ginger Snaps are a new style of interchangeable jewelry featuring button-like “snap” charms that you snap in and out of stylish bracelets, necklaces, rings and more.  They come in two sizes - the traditional “Ginger Snap” and the smaller “Petite Snap.”  These one-of-a-kind pieces can be customized for the corporate marketplace with custom “snaps” to commemorate a conference or annual meeting, a career path title, a sales achievement level or any other recognition a company wishes to convey.  They can be intermixed with generic fashion snaps to create a piece fun to wear in and out of the office!


Magnetic Lockets - A Great In-Field Add-On Option

Magnetic lockets are all the rage, and now they can be customized for corporate America!  Custom floating charms, stones and window plates are easily added and securely held in with a magnetic closure.  Make your locket even more unique by engraving a message on the metal rim or acid etching a company logo right on the glass. 


Logo-Pops - The Interchangeable Jewelry System

Logo-Pops, a line of patented interchangeable jewelry, captures the essence of our desire to express our individuality, our feelings and emotions and to stand out from the crowd.  Dion is the exclusive U.S. distributor for the Recognition, Motivation, Promotion and Incentive markets. The Logo-Pops Collection is based on over 40 jewelry designs including rings, earrings, pendants, bracelets, necklaces and pins and is carefully crafted to accept small interchangeable inserts called Logo-Pops.  Dion can custom design a “Pop” with a company logo, a career path or incentive level (ex. Presidents Club, Circle of Excellence) or any design you can imagine! 



 Recognize Like Never Before With the Takohl Treasure Ring

Now you can create a private, personal message for your top performers.  The Takohl Treasure Ring offers a one-fo-a-kind and truly memorable way to recognize a company milestone, a sales and/or recruiting goal or new service level.  Choose among an almost endless selection of ring designs, gemstones, materials and messages to create an award the will never be forgotten. 


The original concept was created by award-winning designer, Tammy Kohl, who has received worldwide recognition for her design talents.  Her creations are sought after by everyone from Hollywood celebrities to sports legends to royalty.  Each letter or symbol is deeply han engraved and then enameled to make your special message easy to read.  E.A. Dion is the exclusive licensend supplier of this patented award product to the Corporate Award Marketplace.



A Bracelet with "The Perfect Fit"

The great thing about people is that each of us is unique.  This can also be an obstacle when it comes to fitting into a bracelet.  No matter how they are designed, a bracelet may be too large or too small.  Dion now has an attractive, stylish and functional solution – the “Perfect Fit” link bracelet.  This bracelet appears to have the same links as any other link bracelet.  However, incorporated into every other link is a hidden lobster claw type feature that allows you to add or remove links as needed.  Unlike a standard link bracelet, these extra links are totally removable.  At the same time the bracelet can accommodate the addition of unlimited links, making the bracelet fit perfectly every time!


Many companies have charm bracelets as part of a career path program or as commemorative gifts for sales award trips or conferences.  Talk with your customers today about adding one of these bracelets.  This bracelet will start these programs off with a perfect fit!




Dion Now Offers Two New Fashion Lines 

Customizable for the Corporate Award Marketplace 


Dion has partnered with The Good Bead, Inc. TM to exclusively offer two new fashion jewelry lines that can be customized for the corporate award marketplace. Lotti Dotties are fun, flexible and affordable magnetic “Dotties” that attach into any one of the many rings, bracelets or other accessories in the Lotti DottiTM line. Dion can create custom one-of-a-kind Dotties, as well as custom accessories to meet your clients’ needs and price points.


PoesyTM Slide Charms are a beautiful interchangeable charm bracelet collection. Each charm is beautifully crafted with ornate detail. Custom charms can be created with a company logo, sales award level or any personalization your customer desires. Talk to a Dion Account Manager today to see how these new collections can satisfy the needs of your clients and make money for you!


To see the full Lotti DottiTM Collection - Click Here


To see the full PoesyTM Collection - Click Here


Take a Peek at Our New Add-On Capabilities Album

Many Distributors are amazed at the vast number possibilities with custom jewelry.  Dion’s Design Department created nearly a hundred designs showing add-on options for your jewelry. Everything from dangle charms, to screw-ons emblems, to slide-on beads can make your jewelry stand out and allow for unlimited in-field award recognition. Take a look to get ideas that you can bring to your customers showing ways that jewelry products can enhance their celebrations, awards, and incentives.


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