Ring Information


 Why utilize rings?

  • They “travel” with the recipient as a proud reminder of their achievement
  • Builds tradition within an organization
  • A clear differentiator with a high-perceived value at all levels of an organization
  • An affordable option when amortized over the life of the ring
  • Eliminates yearly competition
  • Desired by recipients, respected and coveted by peers, are given and received with pride


Suggestions for Program Development

  • Upgradable Ring Programs – Add a Diamond
  • Safely Programs, Years of Service, Mergers or Acquisitions, Invention/Patent
  • Acknowledge personal achievement, recognize corporate attainment, introduce new product, mark anniversaries
  • Performance Recognition options include: Sales, Productivity, Quality, Attendance, Excellence
  • Sports Champions or Special Events


Base / Bezel Detail Options: 




Base/Bezel Customization Options: 


                                       Crests                                              Encrusted Stones                                   Protected Emblems











Base Stone Cuts:




Base Stone Shapes: