Necklace Lengths

Traditionally, necklaces come in six lengths:

Collar (12-13 inches)
The collar necklace lies snugly around the middle of the neck.





Choker (14-16 inches)
The choker falls perfectly around the base of the neck.





Princess (17-19 inches)
This is the most common necklace length, hanging over the collarbones.






Matinee (20-24 inches)
The matinee necklace hangs between the princess and opera lengths.





Opera (28-34 inches)
The opera's impressive length makes it possible to wear as a single, double, or sometimes even triple, strand.




Rope or Lariat (over 45 inches)
Measuring at least 45 inches in length, the ropenecklace has clasps placed in strategic locations around the necklace which will enable you to break it down into multi-strand necklace and bracelet combinations.  Lariats are at least 48 inches long, with the ends left unattached for knotting or wrapping around the neck.



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