Optional Metals

Due to the rise in the precious metals markets over the past few years, some customers have told our distributors that they can no longer afford a karat gold jewelry program.  However, they also do not want an award program lacking precious metal, which their employees value.  Dion now has a response for our distributors – Avantus and Opulite.

Avantus is Dion’s lower karat response for a high value, non-plated “yellow” jewelry offering with a less demanding price point.  Avantus is an optimum mix of the most recognized “noble” metals – 4karat gold, platinum and silver.  This 4K gold led precious metal alloy delivers a pleasing golden color, complementing multiple skin tones, clothing types and colors as well as being compatible with the other jewelry owned by the wearer.


Opulite is also a market driven response for a “white” precious metal jewelry offering with wear properties exceeding sterling silver.  However, it is priced more affordably than white gold while maintaining it luxurious white appearance without the need for rhodium plating.  Opulite presents customers with a platinum family metal, palladium, with a permanent, un-enhanced, luxurious white appearance combined with greater wear properties such as, tarnish resistance and durability when compared with sterling silver.  Opulite compares favorably to white gold economically and for maintaining its brilliant white color over time.  Opulite also allows distributors an improved profitability as an upgraded option to sterling, with a less demanding investment option to white gold.


The introduction of Avantus and Opulite extends Dion’s leadership position in the precious metal recognition and promotional products markets by offering distributors a broader spectrum of precious metal price points from which to choose.


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