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Turningstone Casino Badge Holder

Distributor T.R. Miller Co., Inc.


The objective of this project was to design and manufacture a service award jewelry piece that would encompass several goals at once, including a traditional years of service award, a piece that could accommodate attaching a badge to it, as well as additional recognition award elements for other internal initiatives (such as perfect attendance, employee of the month, etc.).

Turningstone Casino was looking for a service award jewelry piece that would encompass several goals at once. Working through Distributor T.R. Miller Co., Inc., Dion visited Turningstone Casino to discuss the custom jewelry project. Dion learned that Turningstone already had a years of service pin program with another manufacturer. However, they really wanted an all-encompassing program that brought all of their recognition initiatives together in a piece that would be worn daily by employees for all to see. Dion’s Design Team then got to work on a creative solution. Design decided a “dream catcher” theme incorporated the “feel” that Turningstone was looking for and allowed for easily addable “feathers” with varying colored stones in the center to symbolize the number of different recognition initiatives Turningstone wanted. The badge holder also included engraved numbers representing the years of service each employee had reached. Turningstone loved the concept and, with just a few minor tweaks, they presented their new badge holders at their Awards Banquet to rave reviews!

Turningstone Casino Oneida Indian Nation Badge Holder