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Memberships and Affiliations

People take pride in the organizations they affiliate themselves with and want the world to know they are a part of something bigger.  Custom jewelry is one of the best ways to tell this story.  Jewelry goes with the wearer everywhere they go and connects them to the organizations they love.

Custom jewelry can serve many purposes for an organization, such as:

  • Member or officer rank designation
  • Donor appreciation gifts
  • Event/conference commemoration
  • Fundraising
  • Organization brand awareness

Let Dion show you the many ways custom jewelry can be incorporated into your organization.

Are you interested in learning how custom recognition jewelry can help you retain members, increase volunteer motivation, and keep your members constantly mindful of their shared organizational identity? Here are a few case studies You may find interesting.

Case Studies

UAW Local 412 Member Ring & Order Site

How We Helped Create a Custom, Stream-Lined Website for UAW Local 412

America's Bravest Firefighters Jewelry Collection

The Story of Our Popular “America’s Bravest” Program

City of Baltimore Chamber of Commerce Cufflinks

How the City of Baltimore’s Logo Became So Much More

Develop Your Membership Identity Program

Let us help you design the perfect solution (and styles!) to recognize your members, and keep them motivated, engaged, and feeling appreciated.