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Corporate Citizenship

We Care About Our Customers, Community, and Supply Chain
Roland Dion has a passion for manufacturing excellence and training his teams.

Our Commitments

  • Lead Compliance: E.A. Dion’s products are 100% compliant with Proposition 65 jewelry requirements, as well as with the CPSIA Improvement Act. Dion diligently monitors proposed legislation affecting the jewelry industry to ensure that we will meet or exceed compliance levels.

  • Lean Manufacturing: Lean is a manufacturing philosophy dedicated to the elimination of waste throughout the production process through continuous improvement.

  • Conflict & Conflict-Free Diamonds: E. A. Dion deals only with countries and suppliers actively complying with the standards of the United Nations Kimberley Process, which regulates the importing/exporting of government validated diamonds from sources free of conflict. Dion also sources Conflict-Free Diamonds which expands on the United Nations' definition of conflict diamonds (read our Conflict-Free Diamonds commitment here).

  • Social Accountability Statement: This is a statement of our business practices, which are consistent with Dion’s corporate values (read our Social Accountability Statement here).

  • Memorandum of Understanding: This is a vendor partner agreement requiring our vendors to conform to standards of business practices which are consistent with Dion’s corporate values (read our entire Vendor MOU here).

  • Conflict Mineral Policy Statement: This statement confirms E.A. Dion's commitment to sourcing components and materials from companies that share our values regarding respect for human rights, ethics and environmental responsibility (Read our Conflict Mineral Policy Statement here).

Our Values

As a continually growing company and a leader in our field, we have the responsibility to exemplify integrity when making our products.

Our corporate citizenship efforts directly support our vision, mission, and values:

  • Vision: Make the intangible tangible, and improving people’s lives through recognition

  • Mission: To work together utilizing our combined unique talents through daily continuous improvement

  • Values: Customer focus, operational excellence and being a great place to work.

Dion team members with our fundraising contribution to the MS Society.
Team members meet to discuss quality initiatives.

Environmental Statement

E. A. Dion is committed to protecting our environment and minimizing the environmental impact of business operations on the environment.

What's Important to You?

If we have not mentioned anything in our corporate values statement that you think we should be thinking about, let us know! We are always looking for ways to be a better company.