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Distributor Newsletters

Below is a sampling of articles from our monthly distributor e-newsletters. They include a wealth of information on new products, selling recognition jewelry, what market segments you might want to expand into, and much more.

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Upgradeable Award Rings - "Rate Us" on ASI - Ann Condon Retiring

Meeting and exceeding sales goals is never easy, so it is important to recognize and reward your sales staff for reaching these milestones. However, many of the traditional experiential rewards - like trips and cruises - just don't work anymore. An excellent alternative is custom precious metal jewelry - particularly upgradeable award rings. Karat gold and sterling silver jewelry have high intrinsic value.  In addition, award rings have a "championship cache" to them that nothing else does. Let Dion create some stylish designs for men or women that will wow your clients.

Exciting Additions Have Come to Dion and More

Welcome Jill and Christine

Dion is excited to announce two new additions to our Marketing and Account Management staff. In Account Management, Jill McGuire joins us as our newest Account Manager. In Marketing, Christine Catarino is joining us as Marketing Director.

Start Planning Now for Your Customer's Milestone Anniversary

There are not many things you can depend on regarding your clients. However, one that you can is that they will all have milestone anniversaries to celebrate at some point. Don't let time get away from you. A new year is arriving soon. Start planning early so you really make the most of the occasion.

Sales Opportunities in the Sports-Athletic Arena

Opportunities for custom recognition jewelry for sports team and athletic events are much greater than you might initially think.

Administration & Fulfillment - Let Dion Do the Work for You!

Every distributor would love to get the “Big Program” but at the same time they shudder at the thought of the work involved once they get it. With E.A. Dion by your side, you can have your cake and eat it too! Dion has handled the unique administrative and fulfillment needs for hundreds of company award programs throughout the years.

Custom Healthcare Awards

Custom jewelry recognition in the healthcare industry has been around almost as long as hospitals. Beginning with the nursing pin award at graduation, custom lapel pins and other jewelry awards are bestowed at all levels in the healthcare industry - for new certifications, for years of service, for retirement, for quality care. The list goes on and on.

Truly Custom is Worth the Wait

For Distributors that are new to custom jewelry, some are surprised by the turn around time to design, tool and manufacture a new program.  With so many products in the industry boasting next-day delivery, why do custom jewelry products take so long?  In this Dion Digest we want to more fully explain what goes into the making of a new custom jewelry piece, give you some tips to help speed up the process as much as possible, and most importantly, WHY IT IS WORTH SELLING these unique products.

The Power of Service Recognition

Length of service awards remain the most widespread employee recognition programs for formal expressions of appreciation and achievement for American corporations and organizations today.

Custom Sales Support from E.A. Dion

Each new year brings with it renewed vigor to meet and exceed your sales goals.  Let Dion help you do just that.  We have a variety of resources to help you with presentations, with end-user friendly customized mailings, and customer specific artwork.  Consider adding these resources to your next meeting or mailing:

Jewelry Recognition in the Educational Market

As we look ahead to a new year, consider new opportunities that custom jewelry can provide. If you are not currently reaching out to the scholastic market, now may be a great time to do so. Jewelry recognition, has been commonplace in the scholastic arena for many years and is truly a staple in this market.

2020 Dion Company News - Retirements

Throughout 2020, there have been a number of upper management promotions here at Dion.  As the year closes, we announce some retirements.

Cuff Links & Tie Bars - as Popular as Ever

Traditional men's accessories, like tie bars and cuff links, remain extremely popular. It seems the classics never go out of style! How might these great accessories be incorporated into a recognition program or promotion?

Healthcare Recognition You Can Feel Good About

Custom jewelry recognition in the healthcare industry has been around almost as long as hospitals. Beginning with the nursing pin award at graduation, custom lapel pins and other jewelry awards are bestowed at all levels in the healthcare industry - for new certifications, for years of service, for retirement, for quality care. The list goes on and on.

Set Yourself Apart with Dion Design

A growing problem many distributors face is customers going online to get what they used to come to you for. Customers can now go online, upload their logo, and get a "custom" product shipped practically overnight.

How can distributors differentiate themselves in this new business landscape? Now more than ever, service and non-traditional offerings are what will make you stand out.

Get the Most from the Associations You Already Know

Custom jewelry for associations & organizations is nothing new, but think outside the box of just the traditional membership or officer lapel pin. People who voluntarily join an organization are proud of the organization and of what it stands for. Members want to show off their affiliation and a great way to show this pride is with wearable custom jewelry that travels with them.

Great Way to Honor Frontline Heros

In the midst of this coronavirus crisis, there are so many everyday heroes taking care of our sick, bringing us food and needed medical supplies, and keeping our streets clean and safe.  Even in industries not considered essential, loyal employees are keeping the lights on by telecommuting, teaching and working via video, and adjusting to this "new normal" in a myriad of ways.

Recognizing Employees in the New Normal

As states begin to "reopen," businesses are realizing that going back to the way things were is not happening any time soon. 

Add To Your Sales with Custom Add-On Jewelry

E.A. Dion is the industry leader for custom in-field add-on jewelry. What does this mean for you? It means that Dion has the most creative custom jewelry options anywhere to meet the most unique award and recognition needs of your clients.

Safe Driver Recognition Opportunity

As a new year begins you may be looking for new outreach opportunities.  If you have not yet considered promoting safety and safe driver recognition awards, now is a great time to start.

Your Best Opportunities are Just Across the Hall

We all know it's smarter and easier to increase sales with existing customers than finding new ones. Are you overlooking great opportunities with the customers you already have?

Whether you're selling to the Marketing Department, Events Department, or elsewhere, you should look into what the company does to recognize their employees - for Years of Service, Sales Recognition, Safe Driving, etc. You're already selling to the company, so you already have a relationship. They already like and trust you. Your current contact can probably share a wealth of information on what the company does, and probably who is responsible for the programs.