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Cuff Links & Tie Bars - as Popular as Ever

Traditional men's accessories, like tie bars and cuff links, remain extremely popular. It seems the classics never go out of style! How might these great accessories be incorporated into a recognition program or promotion?

From a recognition program perspective, tie bars and cuff links are a great addition to the lapel pin. Using existing lapel pin tooling, the lapel pin emblem can be adhered to cuff link actions, or soldered onto a tie bar. Award recipients love choices, so giving them a tie bar or cuff link option will go over famously!

Tie bars and cuff links are also very versatile as commemorative gifts. Some examples of organizations that have used cuff links and tie bars as gifts include:

  • Teams in the National College Bowl Playoff Championship Game were given highly polished sterling silver cuff links in the shape of the College Bowl football logo with the year engraved on the back. These were included in a custom made footlocker with other custom commemorative products.

  • Cunard Cruise Lines gave out cuff link sets to its frequent passengers to commemorate the farewell cruise of the Queen Elizabeth and the maiden voyage of the Queen Victoria, packaged in custom boxes with images of the two ships.

  • The Ambassador of Brazil had tie bars made to give out to distinguished guests incorporating the ambassador's insignia.

  • Even the President of the United States routinely gives special visitors tie bars &/or cuff link sets with the Presidential seal on them (By the way, Dion has created Presidential jewelry for eight administrations).

Don't write off cuff links and tie bars as "old school." These functional and versatile accessories are popular with audiences of all ages. Contact your Dion Account Manager today about designing some tie bars and cuff links for your clients.

Add a New Customization Option with Frost Engraving

One customization option that could save you time and money is frost engraving. It is an elegant and tasteful design option that does not require special tooling - only a laser setup fee. It is beautiful by itself, or you can add an applied emblem to it as well.

Custom Cuff Links and Tie Bars
Frost Engraved Tie Bars and Cuff Links