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Add To Your Sales with Custom Add-On Jewelry

E.A. Dion is the industry leader for custom in-field add-on jewelry. What does this mean for you? It means that Dion has the most creative custom jewelry options anywhere to meet the most unique award and recognition needs of your clients.

In-field add-ons allow companies and organizations to add or upgrade a particular piece of award jewelry right on the spot. For example:

  • When an employee receives a positive comment card, a manager can add a clip on piece to their years of service badge holder or add-on pin right on the spot.
  • When a party-plan consultant meets the quota for a particular company promotion, custom slide-on beads can be added to their slide-on charm bracelet or necklace.
  • Sales or performance award rings or lapel pins with "pops," jackets or rockers that can be upgraded with new pops, jackets or rockers indicating the new sales level reached, or can include consecutively more diamonds or other precious stones in the add-on.

Add-on jewelry is an easy and affordable way to implement progressive and on-the-spot recognition programs. Award jewelry is highly visible and seen by co-workers and customers alike - showing off one's achievements in an elegant & visible manner.

After the initial purchase of the award jewelry, consecutive upgrades/additions are less expensive (you are only paying for the new clip, rocker, "pop," etc. - not the whole piece each time). In addition, the recipient doesn't have to send their award jewelry back to be upgraded, so there is no need to collect the jewelry, or lost time when the employee doesn't have their award.

Ask your Dion Account Manager about how we can create a custom in-field add-on recognition program for your client. Also, view our new custom add-ons brochure. It is end user friendly and shows numerous ways companies have used add-on components in their award jewelry. Dion is taking award jewelry in a whole new direction!

   Custom Add-On Brochure    


And the Winner is.....

In our most recent distributor postcard we included a raffle for those signing up to receive our monthly e-newsletter. The prize was a pair of beautiful 14K white gold half karat total weight diamond stud earrings. And the winner is......Sally Pettes from JCS Incentives, LLC. Congratulations Sally! We will be sending you these gorgeous earrings shortly.

Be on the lookout in future postcard mailings and e-newsletters for more chances to win wonderful prizes!


Red Sox Home Opener

On Tuesday, April 9th, Team Dion came to work decked out in all of their home team glory! To make the day even more exciting, we raffled off some Red Sox themed prizes.

We love to get into the spirit of things at Dion. Here's to another exciting Boston Baseball Season!